Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Strange Particles - New Android Puzzle Game

In this post we will talk a little about our new Android puzzle game called Strange Particles.


Strange Particles is sort of a puzzle game where the player must hit corrupted balls on the screen to heal them. It may seem simple, but you have to consider matching ball colors, angle and force of the launch, 10 seconds time limit of the round, and and other elements (items, bubbles, teleports and movements) in order hit properly.
You can try hitting them as many time as you want or you can retry the level to reset the stage of those elements.


Currently the game has 6 chapters, each one containing 30 levels. There is also a in-game store which players can buy stuff to help in the game progress.
By the way, the game is integrated to Google Play Games services*, which means:
  • player's progress data is saved to the cloud, so you don't lose progress;
  • player's progress can be continued across other devices;
  • challenging achievements for serious players.

* The game requires that Google Play Games app be up to date.

Get it on Google Play

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Connector and Connector Lite: Knowing the Differences

If you are of those people who prefer puzzle than other kinds of games in smartphones, you will love the first android game produced by Horama Studios.

Connector is a very interesting game, simple and easy to learn how to play, but at the same time absolutely challenging.  There are two versions of Connector, a free and uncomplete one and a paid and full one.

The free version, named Connector Lite, has two difficulty levels (easy and medium), each of them with 30 phases, accounting for 60 phases in total. (Hard and Insane are available only at the full version). The maximum grid size is a little bit smaller than that of the paid version, but it continues challenging your intelligence with a satisfactory variety of puzzles.

The full version, in turn, named simply Connector, has four difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and insane) and contains 80 phases per level, accounting 320 phases in total. The maximum grid size is 50% bigger than that of Connector Lite and does not come with advertisements.

In short, you can compare both versions of Connector just below in the following table:

Free (Lite) Paid
Ads Yes No
Maximum grid size * 6x6 9x6
Difficulties Easy and Medium Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane
Levels ** 60 (30 per difficulty) 320 (80 per difficulty)
New connector look No Yes
Download it Buy it

* Rows x Columns
** Some levels are different