Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Strange Particles - New Android Puzzle Game

In this post we will talk a little about our new Android puzzle game called Strange Particles.


Strange Particles is sort of a puzzle game where the player must hit corrupted balls on the screen to heal them. It may seem simple, but you have to consider matching ball colors, angle and force of the launch, 10 seconds time limit of the round, and and other elements (items, bubbles, teleports and movements) in order hit properly.
You can try hitting them as many time as you want or you can retry the level to reset the stage of those elements.


Currently the game has 6 chapters, each one containing 30 levels. There is also a in-game store which players can buy stuff to help in the game progress.
By the way, the game is integrated to Google Play Games services*, which means:
  • player's progress data is saved to the cloud, so you don't lose progress;
  • player's progress can be continued across other devices;
  • challenging achievements for serious players.

* The game requires that Google Play Games app be up to date.

Get it on Google Play

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